There are so many ways that you can volunteer around your own neighbourhoods with your family, your friends and your colleagues. Here are some ideas of the things you can do this month. Plenty of kid friendly ones too! Just don’t forget to log your individual hours afterwards.

Send us your stories on social media on how you impacted your communities this August.

  • Invite your neighbours round for coffee and cake so you can all get to know each other
  • Offer to walk your neighbour’s dog
  • Ring your local care home, ask would they like anyone to visit or read to residents
  • Chat to an elderly neighbour and see if they need any shopping
  • Offer to babysit for friends so that they can enjoy some kid free time
  • Use your skills! Are you a hairdresser? Cut somebody’s hair who otherwise can’t afford a trip to the salon. Work in recruitment? Offer to look over an unemployed person’s CV
  • Buy a bunch of flowers, and then give individual stems out to surprise people outside the supermarket
  • If you knit or crochet, why not spend the month creating baby blankets, hats and teddies and donate them to the NHS? Or even make adult blankets to donate to a local care home for the elderly?  Check out our Resources page for patterns!
  • Make thank you cards for people who serve your community – teachers, NHS staff, postmen, police and firemen
  • Make flower pot gifts – decorate flower pots, pot up some plants and gift them to some people in your community
  • Make a freezable meal for a neighbour or friend who might be having a tough time, or expecting a new baby. Here are some quick and easy recipes:- LasagneSpaghetti BologneseShepherd’s Pie
  • Bake a loaf cake, wrap it up in a ribbon and gift it to someone who needs cheering up. Here are some easy cake recipes to get your started: Banana Loaf CakeDouble Chocolate Loaf CakeLemon Drizzle Loaf
  • Take cupcakes into your local school staff room. Here are some cupcake recipes to help you: Vanilla CupcakesChocolate Orange CupcakesFairy Cakes.
  • Add some extra items to your trolley and take them to the local food bank or bring to RFC for collection on a Sunday
  • Gather your friends and litter pick a community area local to you
  • Grab a bucket and sponge and clean a street sign
  • Clean out your neighbour’s wheelie bins – now that’s love in action!
  • Wash a neighbour’s car, mow their lawn or weed their garden
  • Have a sort out of your belongings and donate your excess to a local charity shop

Got ideas we haven’t covered? Let us know your ideas for personal volunteering in your own neighbourhoods.