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We love where we live and we want our town to know it too. What would it look like if every person in Reading spent at least 1 hour during the month of August bringing a kindness revolution to their street, workplace, school or local park?

We believe that our town can be transformed by showing God’s love through simple acts of kindness. So, as a church, we are dedicating the month of August to offer 1,000 hours of acts of kindness to our community; a kindness revolution!

This August, we have a chance to find ways to make a huge difference to the places we live, either individually or collectively. By showing God’s love we hope to have a positive influence on the lives of those around us.

Volunteering will look different for everyone! So, whether you’re volunteering your time to clean up your neighbourhood through gardening, washing road signs etc, or bringing kindness to people around you with cakes, time and relationships, it all counts, and it all matters.



“Our vision is to see the Love Reading movement ripple throughout our town.  We want to encourage communities where neighbours know each other better, and no one is left out and everyone’s needs are met.  In a few years, we’d love to see us log not just a thousand hours, but tens of thousands of cumulative hours of kindness.  Loving our town should be something we do every day!”

Sion & Anna Williams (Love Reading Coordinators)






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