We love the town of Reading! We believe that our town can be transformed by showing God’s love through simple acts of kindness to those around us. Be it through baking cakes, picking up litter, volunteering at the foodbank, washing your neighbour’s car or simply writing some encouraging words to someone, there will be opportunities for everyone to get involved.

We are aiming for over 1,000 cumulative hours of kindness. More information coming soon on this website, so watch this space. Follow us on social media by clicking the links above.

 2021’s Love Reading will be held during Lent – 17th February – 29th March.


Target Hours of Volunteering

“What would it look like if every person in Reading spent at least 1 hour during the season of Lent giving something back to their street, workplace, school or local park?” More info….


Sion & Anna Williams (Love Reading Coordinators, RFC)



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